Energy Storage

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rosewater energy hub


Battery storage: the appeal of green energy, the convenience of backup power, equipped with the strength of a high-end commercial system.


Bethesda Systems offers energy storage solutions by using advanced battery technologies.



What You Need to Know:

  • Advanced batteries are programmable and customizable.
  • They are capable of directing energy to specific destinations in residential, industrial, and utility applications.
  • These batteries also supply critical systems with energy first during a power crisis.

What “ECO!” Made Simple Can Do For You:

  • Bethesda Systems offers the best energy storage solution available for residential and commercial applications: the RoseWater Energy Hub and PowerCube.
  • The Energy Hub is designed for residential applications and combines the appeal of green energy, the convenience of backup generator power and the strength of a high-end commercial control and storage system backing it all up.
  • The PowerCube is designed for commercial applications. It provides an answer that will by its very nature, ensure a cleaner, safer, more reliable grid. The PowerCube has a longer cycle life, higher charge acceptance, faster recharge, higher cycle efficiency and is 99% recyclable.