Meridian speakers

Meridian Audio is about sound. If you hear more, you feel more. Even though you may not be able to recreate the acoustics of a concert at home, you can take yourself back to that moment with Meridian. The passion, innovation and commitment to quality that is Meridian can be heard right here in our showroom. Bethesda Systems has your next audio solution with Meridian Audio, where our commitment to sound, performance, and best-in-class experience will help you bring your favorite concert home.


Meridian Select 7200s, meridian audio



The concept of the Digital Active DSP Loudspeaker, invented by Meridian over 15 years ago, is today well-proven as by far the most musically and dynamically accurate and effective way to approach sound reproduction. Meridian’s DSP7200 takes this technology to a new high, and with over 270 colors to choose from, you’ll be ensured that choosing a music system isn’t black and white.




Meridian Audio M6



At first sight, Meridian’s M6 Loudspeaker represents a radical departure, with its slim, elegant shape. But in many respects M6 is the epitome of a Meridian DSP Loudspeaker, with all the features that make Meridian loudspeakers unique in their ability to combine superb sound with elegant design that’s at home in any room.



meridian audio DSP3200



 The DSP3200 is a compact, elegant and great-sounding digital active loudspeaker. It is an ideal building block in a smaller Meridian system, or for adding an extra zone to a multi-room system, and the cabinet design provides wide, full-range dispersion allowing a broader listening area.



dsp8000 meridian audio speaker




The Meridian DSP8000 is the ultimate expression of the art and science of loudspeaker design. Meridian’s flagship digital active loudspeaker sets completely new standards for clarity, dynamics, imaging and realism. It is one of few loudspeakers in the world that can accurately reproduce both the power and subtlety of a concert grand piano.





DSP5200 black fireplace new Control



The DSP loudspeaker is the ultimate expression of Meridian’s loudspeaker philosophy. Meridian’s acclaimed DSP5200 loudspeaker has undergone a significant revision, inheriting powerful features from its larger sibling, the DSP7200, including SpeakerLink connectivity and improved overall performance.