Lighting Improves Quality at Renowned Tobacconist


A fine tobacco shop located in Downtown Bethesda is popular among many in the area, supplying the best tobaccos, but having difficulty with proper lighting for their products, and lounge.

The tobacconist features its own humidor, where various sorts of tobacca, like cigars, cigarettes, and pipe tobacco are stored at a constant humidity, helping to keep the tobacco fresh.

With energy-wasting, heat producing halogen lamps lining the lounge and lighting the humidor, comfort of the well-renowned tobacconist was compromised. Uneven lighting also took away from the ambience of the lounge.


Thankfully, Bethesda Systems was able to help recomend better lighting. LED retrofit lamps for halogen lamps improved the lighting of the lounge, and humidor.

“It’s much better, now,” said Jeannie Breedlove Martinson of the tobacconist. “Not only does the air-conditioning work much better now, but it’s also much easier to read everything throughout the humidor—a huge help for our staff, and, more importantly, our clients.”

Throughout the lounge, the lighting is even, and the true colors of the walls, floor, and furniture are visible. Before, halogens lining the walls left patchy and scalloped light marks. This left awkward shadows leaving lines in all sorts of directions. Now, the light is focused, casting better quality light, all with better design.

“We’ve also noticed a difference in the video of our security cameras,” added Breedlove Martinson. “We can actually see what’s in the videos much clearer now with the new lights.”