Urban Designs: Dynamic Light, Lively Showroom


Urban Country, a downtown Bethesda urban furniture store utilizes track lighting throughout their industrial showroom. Packed with different mini rooms to showcase their furniture pieces, paintings, sculptures, lamps, and various home accessories, the store suffered from uneven lighting. Little did they know how dark it really was, and how much lighting from the outdoors affected the glamour of the space.

The store owners had several employees who were known as the “bulb-changers”. They were the ones who had to climb up over 6-foot ladders to change each bulb when it burnt out—and that happened several times a month at least.

The showroom, although located in an industrial space, features contemporary designs for the home. With pieces to fill virtually any room in a residence, the store has much to offer its clients, including expert designers and multitudes of fabrics to choose from.

However, with mini-rooms throughout the showroom, and big armoires and lofty beds, shadows appeared, leaving the showroom to look like an abandoned warehouse. The showroom lost its glitz at night due to insufficient lighting to highlight every piece.


After an LED retrofit by Bethesda Systems, the owners of the Bethesda furniture store realized they used their ladders a lot less.

Since the install, the staff still has not needed to swap a bulb. The store remains alive when the weather outdoors is gloomy.

Instead of light bleeding in from the outdoors through lofty windows, the lighting inside the home store remained unaffected.

The result? Authenticity, effective spot lighting, and a showroom that leaves you wanting more.

“Our designers were hesitant about the lighting change at first,” said Sascha Roth, co-owner of the store. “After the install, they were happily surprised. They were pleased that the integrity of the store wasn’t jeopardized.”

The store originally was consuming approximately 50,000 kWh of energy throughout a given year. With the LED retrofit, the furniture store’s projected energy usage is set to drop by over 80%, all the way down to under 10,000 kWh.

The difference in lighting quality was clear to the owners.

“We didn’t realize it was that much of a difference. The store looks great. We’re glad Bethesda Systems was able to help, and that we won’t be bothered with extra maintenance anymore,” Roth said.