Case Study: Crestron System Install

ST. MICHAELS, MD — Our merger with Boulevard Audio adds expertise in Crestron automation systems. This case study highlights BA’s award-winning* project in which home automation and systems management had to integrate into a very sophisticated interior design.

This home represents the best of “green” initiatives for its environmentally sensitive response to the historic Chesapeake Bay location.

From seven strategically located touchpanels within this 4500 sq ft house, the Crestron system controls and monitors:

• 50 circuits of interior and exterior lighting
• 8 zones of shade and drapery control
• 10 zones of HVAC; the security system
• 11 surveillance cameras
• 7 sump pumps which include a custom-designed switching system to alert hazardous water-levels;
•  10 audio and video sources distributed to 15 speaker zones.

1. Chesapeake estate. 2. Bedroom sitting area with TV and controller.

The automated Crestron lighting control system, then, follows the diurnal cycle while still allowing the homeowner to make periodic changes to the timing, lighting level, and selection.

Crestron heat and humidity probes and thermostats are used to monitor even the most minute (less than 1 degree) changes in temperature.

There is a built-in weather station interface that receives real-time information from the National Weather service. This feature faciliates real-time adjustments for energy consumption systems from both inside the home as well as remotely through a secure Crestron “X-Panel” interface.

Equally important to this homeowner was a home that would fit into its historic setting, be beautiful, and easy-to-use where the electronic “gadgetry” was subordinate to superior interior design. These goals were met by close coordination between Boulevard Audio, Inc. and its consultants and Thomas Pheasant, Inc., the world-renowned interior designer. This home was featured in Architectural Digest.

Clockwise from Top Left: 1. Pool. 2. Kitchen touch panel. 3. Equipment Room 4 & 5. Living Room

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