Parking Garage Safety

People are taught safety precautions when navigating parking garages at night. They are encouraged to walk in groups of three or more, and if someone is alone, an escort is typically always encouraged.

A commercial building complex in Colesville, Maryland suffered from extremely poor lighting throughout the property—parking garages in particular. Parking garages, unfortunately, are risky areas for public safety due to its enclosed structure and cars everywhere, creating hiding spots, and most of all, darkness.

“It was scary. The garage is very dark, and in the middle of the night, when no one was around outside, it felt even scarier,” said a parking garage patron.

At Colesville, the garages were nearly pitch black. The lighting was ineffective and also wasteful, but more notably, a cause for grave concern from its patrons. Those who work in the complex were, at times, scared for their safety when trudging into the parking garage alone. With the help of Bethesda Systems, though, the garage received a major upgrade.


No more darkness over cars. All corners of the garage are lit. The ramp to the stairwell has nothing hiding it. With an LED upgrade, poorly functioning fluorescents and incandescent lights are hidden for good. Thanks to the efficiency of LED lights, patrons are able to see what is going on in the garage in its entirety. The public travels safer due to better lighting.

“I had someone escort me to the garage from time to time because I was scared to go alone into the dark,” the property manager said. “The lighting is much brighter now. I can see everything much better now. I don’t feel endangered.”

All LED lights are already retrofitted to fit into existing fixtures. Due to Bethesda Systems’ selection of high-quality LED lighting, the property manager and maintenance team are saved time and money–and receive lighting that enhances the safety of the building’s occupants.