Whole Home System/Control Upgrade

POTOMAC, MD — This customer was ready for an overhaul to the Control4® look, so when the new interface launched he was first in line. His first remarks were, “The system is a lot faster”. But wait — there’s more: The upgrade enables the customer to easily access one-page control over lights and lighting scenes, thermostats or audio zones. There is no longer a need to jump from room to room. Control4 2.0 removes the confusion of finding audio and video sources. And with the Listen and Watch icons, one touch lets you see all your available choices associated with those options. But the best and most loved feature of the 2.0 interface is the Favorites option. With this option you can tag any page as a favorite and easily jump to that tagged page from the home page. These are just a few of the many new features that make things easier, more enjoyable, and just plain…better!

L: FAMILY ROOM/THEATER: New custom Bethesda Systems racks with components and wiring neatly contained; Flat screen projection television; wireless remote and docking station. R: LIVING ROOM: Flatscreen with new Control4 Interface screen; in-wall mounted touch screen; Detailed inset.

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