Effortlessly optimize your energy usage with an automation system.

An automation system allows you to take control of how your home or business works. As a leading systems integrator for over 10 years now, Bethesda Systems will offer you the best control system for your needs.


What You Need to Know:

  • Automation is customization–By customizing your home or business to act on settings for lighting control, HVAC, and daylight harvesting, you lighten the load on the grid, and only use electricity when you need to.
  • Automation adds comfort—adjustments to your home or business can be made to keep temperatures, lighting, and media to function exactly how you want it to, and when you want it to.
  • Automation adds convenience—with presets, motion sensors, and remote access, controlling the way your home or business functions is easy.
  • Automation works for anyone—control and monitor systems are perfect for residential and commercial applications because automation is all about customization.

What “ECO!” Made Simple Can Do for You:

  • Lighting/Shading solutions
    • Bethesda Systems offers shading systems that can be customized by look, feel, and use, and are perfect for both residential and commercial applications.
    • Bethesda Systems can integrate your home’s or business’ use of natural light by installing lighting controls and dimmers, as well as motion sensors.
  • Energy Management & Smart Grid Integration
    • Energy monitoring systems can be accessed from anywhere with internet access using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Bethesda Systems can integrate these systems into your home or business so you can keep track of what is on and what is off. Being able to monitor this cuts your energy usage, and helps you fine-tune your electronics and appliances (i.e. lighting and HVAC) so they function properly, and are in use only when needed.