LED Lighting

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Lighting accounts for 14% of the energy used in the average home, and around 30% of energy in an average commercial building.


Now prescribing:

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The LED Diet makes the residential transition to LEDs easy! With “ECO!” Made simple by Bethesda Systems, our new diet plan lets you switch to LEDs in baby-steps. Our LED Dietitians work with you and your home to prescribe the best efficient LED lighting alternatives. Get started today! For more information, visit www.TheLEDDiet.com.[wpcol_divider]

LED lighting is the green energy game-changer for homes and businesses. With new legislation phasing out inefficient lighting such as incandescent bulbs, Bethesda Systems provides the best solution for you. 


Due to their simplicity, controllability, and energy savings, LED lighting is the number one choice for lighting in every application. Between January and March alone, Bethesda Systems has overhauled and upgraded inefficient lighting across Montgomery County, with over 15 homeowners and businesses satisfied.


“I’m very excited for what Bethesda Systems has done for my business. While, any savings on our utility bills would have been great, I’m very excited to be able to create ambient lighting. Without the dimmers, the lights were either all on, or all off. Tracy and the team were dedicated to finding the right solution for my problem—from solving dimmer issues, to correcting the lighting design throughout the winery. Now, I can control how the lighting sets the scene in the bar, and I don’t have to worry about replacing the lights for years to come.” –Winery Owner

What You Need to Know

  • LEDs last 25-50 times longer than incandescent bulbs—meaning you get better light, and minimal to no maintenance
  • LEDs reduce carbon footprint, saving energy cost while taking energy loads off the grid.
  • LEDs do not produce nearly as much heat as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, allowing for savings on HVAC costs
  • LEDs are weatherproof, meaning you can install them outdoors without worry
  • LEDs dim warm light—making customization of lighting design the easiest it can be

What “ECO!” Made Simple Can Do for You:

  • As a PEPCO Trade Ally, Bethesda Systems, will conduct FREE Walk-Through Energy Assessments (WTEA) for your home or commercial building in order to accurately assess your lighting needs.
  • Bethesda Systems will provide your home or business with NO cost or LOW cost measures that will generate greater energy savings.
  • Bethesda Systems’ first priority is always service—we are dedicated to helping you find the right, custom green technology solution that will best serve your home or business.