Outdoor Entertainment

Welcome to Bethesda Systems, your source for outdoor home theater solutions that will revolutionize the way you watch television, listen to music and entertain guests. Not only are outdoor entertainment systems popular, they’re practical as well. You’ll get great use out of it and will be making a sound investment on your home. Whether you’re having friends over for the big game, or simply want the ability to enjoy your favorite music while lounging by the pool, our state of the art system makes it all possible!


Next level entertainment: your new outdoor theater awaits
It starts with a few tiki torches and then a new patio and maybe a pool and before you know it, you have the outdoor living space of your dreams. Well, almost. Why not include a custom outdoor entertainment system into the mix? This summer, enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies and music all while relaxing outside. For maximum party mode, control audio and video all with the touch of an iPad or mobile device. Don’t let summer slip by, contact Bethesda Systems to find out how you can have the outdoor living space of your dreams!

Get the most out of your patio this summer with an outdoor entertainment system
You love your patio for entertaining guests and spending time with the family, especially on a warm summer evening. This summer, turn your patio into an extension of your home by installing top of the line entertainment system by Bethesda Systems! We’ll custom-build your theater to create the ultimate home entertainment experience, right in your very own backyard. Contact Bethesda Systems today to take your home entertainment to the next level!