Your favorite playlist by the pool...a little throwback disco to liven the mood while you cook...some cool jazz by a roaring makes all your daily experiences just a little bit better. Sunrise Smarthome provides easy, effortless solutions for music lovers of all stripes.

      Multi-Room Audio


Sunrise Smarthome offers the full range of Sonos solutions, which integrate seamlessly with all leading streaming music services: from standalone speakers in three separate sizes, to the Sonos Connect, which plays through your existing stereo, to the Sonos Connect Amp (ideal for driving a pair of outdoor or in-ceiling speakers). The Sonos app for iOS and Android, lets you easily choose which rooms you want music to play in, including all rooms at once. All Sonos devices now integrate with Amazon Alexa, so controlling your music is as simple as telling Alexa what you want to hear. 

Sonos PLAY1, PLAY3, PLAY5, SUB and PLAYBAR are all available
for demo in our showroom.


      Streaming Music Services

Choices abound in streaming services for today's discerning media lover. From market-leader Spotify and their almost-psychic playlist generator, to Apple Music, to Jay-Z's audiophile streaming platform, Tidal, each service has its advantages. Control them all from your phone, your tablet, your remote or even from a wall mounted keypad. 

All streaming music services are available for demo in our showroom. 

Audiophile Music Solutions

Vintage room with contemporary home cinema system - 3d rendering

For the uncompromising music connoisseur, Sunrise Smarthome offers no-compromise audio solutions. While vinyl remains a mainstay of the audiophile set, today's digital music can be far higher-quality than the CDs of yesteryear. From Tidal Music, which offers a vast library of lossless CD-quality music to Hi-Res audio, available from online music stores like HD Music, you really have to hear it to believe how superior it is. If you have a music collection of your own, Roon Audio provides theideal platform for audiophile music streaming to high-end USB Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs). 

Come hear our B&W 805 D3s, powered by a Chord HugoTT DAC and
Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum tube amp in the showroom.