Product Spotlight: Access Networks

The Last Home Network You Will Ever Need
by Jonathan Stovall

Products that were only found inside our commercial installations are now rapidly making their way inside our homes! And as we connect an ever growing number of devices to the Internet, both wired and wireless, our networks bear the brunt of regulating this increased traffic. As we continue to service you each day, we are seeing first hand that many of yesterday’s home networks cannot reliably handle the increased data loads and wireless coverage on their own.

Just to give you an idea about how fast things are changing, until about a year ago, before everyone in the household owned an app-driven Smartphone, most of the home networks we created were designed to simply network our automation systems and our clients’ personal computers. Wireless devices rarely amounted to more than a single laptop or two, and the data load on the network was minimal.

Today, things are much different.  Just within the past year it seems everyone in the family now owns a smartphone utilizing Wi-Fi connectivity.  Even Mom ditched her flip phone! In addition, most households have at least one iPad.  Streaming content from the internet to a mobile device is commonplace, and in some instances, has replaced the cable & satellite converter boxes altogether.  And it’s not just teenagers using these products. We’ve added larger storage devices, network cameras, gaming systems & energy monitors.  We’ve also added services like Skype, Netflix, Hulu, Rhapsody, Pandora & Internet Radio.  Even Local AM/FM & Satellite Radio enters our home through our Internet connections rather than through the airwaves.  At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show we saw connected Refrigerators, Ovens, Coffee Makers, TV’s, countless new Media Servers, & dozens of new tablets.  Almost every piece of electronics gear we purchase today is designed to either speak to one another or to the ‘Cloud’.  These devices are constantly communicating—bogging down the pipeline more and more—and the common language is all spoken inside the home by way of our Local Area Networks (LAN’s).

So how do we proactively make our networks ‘smarter’?
First, we need to beef-up the ‘digital foundation’ — especially on the wireless side — and that begins with the hardware.  Today’s over-the-counter products, either supplied by our service providers like Verizon & Comcast, or those purchased at big-box-r-us, are unreliable, unmanageable and most of all unsupportable. And the same goes for the Apple branded networking products.  In the homes that require multiple access points (and that is every home larger than 2000 square feet), these every-day products are flat-out useless by themselves.  Having to reboot your network hardware every time things slow down is no longer an acceptable solution. Piggy-backing signal boosters, wireless bridges and power-over-electricity Ethernet adapters complicates things and also decreases reliability.  Bottom line: Home networks now need to resemble the enterprise grade systems that businesses have been relying on for years.  The products are no longer Netgear, D-Link and Linksys…they’re Cisco, Juniper & Ruckus.

So, after some extensive research into both the equipment and services that are available on the market, Bethesda Systems has selected a partner whose expertise is uniquely suited to assist us in delivering the reliable, repeatable experience our clients have come to expect from us: Access Networks

Founded in Los Angeles, California in 2003,  Access Networks specializes in working directly with custom integration companies to deliver their award winning Access Unity Network, an enterprise-grade unified networking platform specifically designed and engineered to meet the growing demands of today’s (and tomorrow’s) automated residence. Utilizing their many Cisco certifications and years of experience, Access Networks is already helping Bethesda Systems meet and exceed our clients expectations. “Today’s modern homes have become increasingly interconnected with the internet and we expect your client’s home is no different.” says Aaron Gutin, VP of Sales at Access Networks. “In fact, Access Networks believes that the IT infrastructure of our homes are, in fact, the Digital Foundation™ of today’s modern home. Just like your home’s physical foundation, the digital foundation of your home must be robust and strong enough to support the many devices which will depend on it.”  

Clearly, the last few years have demonstrated that our interdependency on the IT infrastructure of our homes is only going to grow and we here at Bethesda systems are committed to delivering our clients the absolute best solutions available on the market.

OK, I need a beefed-up network. What’s next?
Give us a call! We have scalable packages for both homes & businesses. Let us design a system for you that delivers the best in performance and reliability.