How A Small Home Audio System Can Make Such a Big Difference

Home Theater Audio Visual by Bethesda Systems – A Testimonial

NFL Football in surround sound. Movie theater quality surround sound from a home theater system. It was that simple…that’s what our customer, John Leary in Chevy Chase, MD wanted to add to his home theater experience.

We had a tight budget to work with but knew we could find just the solution John was looking for. John’s existing audio system was fairly advanced; after doing a quick survey of his environment, we determined that with just a few configuration changes and minimal component enhancements that we could really make his sound system sing. We started by adding some “audio color” to his Integra DTR 40.2 receiver by adding an REL T-5 Sub-woofer to bring out the lower Hz frequencies that have become more prevalent in blue-ray formatted DVD’s. The power of the REL-5 also allows the room to become “Audio Pressurized” so every crash, explosion and thump is not only heard, but distinctly felt. This is also enhances to some of those lagging lower bit-rate MP3’s that are constantly streaming across most web-based audio transmissions. YouTube, Pandora Radio, Slacker and other popular media outlets typically run higher end audio/video transmissions but other sources like news channels, corporate webcasts or smaller video venues typically run varying bit rate transmissions.  This poorly encoded media transmission will then produce an increasingly weaker sound output over a system that has been poorly configured, but the REL-5 fixes that.

As a point of reference, the chart below covers typical bitrates and their outlets:

As a point of reference, the chart below covers typical bitrates and their outlets:

Sound Quality Table

To meet John’s need, after adding the REL T-5 Sub-woofer, we complimented the low frequency response gain / per Hz with some hi-output, mid range PSB Imagine Bookshelf Speakers.  We then took the complexity of our configuration and made it simple to operate with the Sonos controller that we set up for his Family room and Outdoor zones.  The result — an audio experience that is unmatched. Read below:

Great to hear from you!
There is not a single night that I sit down to watch TV that I am not struck by how incredible the experience is compared to what I had previously. Liz and I watched two football games on Sunday and it’s really like being there.
When we both have a minute, I will bring my iPad home and we can play with the music system.
I am telling everyone I know about the system!
Stay in touch.

Next up on our list for John: Setting up his iPad to control some devices. Similar to what we did with the IC realtime Camera system set-up and configuration.