Oh, the Places iPad Will Go

Steve Jobs and the iPadOr stay (?).

In January, Steve Jobs showed us all how his new 9.7 inch touch panel gizmo would change the way we view multimedia and web content. 80 days and 3 million units later we found out people really couldn’t live without it.

Another thing Mr. Jobs showed us was that the iPad was designed to be held in your lap. And it’s proven itself to be a truly revolutionary mobile device. And now we’d like you to consider…letting go. Literally.

Macintosh iPad Mods

Left) iPad encased in an old Macintosh Classic looks very cool. Right) Creative Director at the New York Frog Design office, Jonas Damon. Has created a retro styled iPad dock that resembles an old CRT TV.

People are certainly coming up with creative ways to house and display their iPads. And the folks in the custom electronic design and installation industry were immediately looking for innovative ways to embrace this ‘hand-held’ product and make it blend with our home and business lifestyles — and even mount it permanently inside a wall where it is always being charged.

Image above: Left) iPort’s In-Wall mount for iPad. Right) In-Wall iPad mount from Savant with system App.

And that’s where we come in.

We have already seen the iPad used in home automation. And Apple-based system Savant is using an iPad app to control it all — the TV, a whole entertainment system, remote control of house lights or HVAC, or even monitor cameras remotely with a video feed. Another in-wall dock and charger catching on is iPort.

A wall-mounted iPad in your kitchen gives you easy access to apps like these below and many more. Turning the busiest, and sometimes most social, room in the house, into your home’s command center.

iPad App Collage 2

Clockwise from upper left) Whiteboard, calendar, weather, and a photo screen saver showing all of the latest family photos.


Even more places it will go…

iPad App Collage 1

Clockwise from upper left) Aquarium clock, Scrabble, a darts game that uses both your iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch, and your stock portfolio.

iPad CrackedDon’t let this happen to you! With your in-wall mounted iPad it’s always safe, it’s always charged, and it’s always right where you left it.

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