Customer Service is Communication (and vice versa)

I don’t know about you but my favorite kind of customer service is the kind that comes from a real live person. Whether it’s over the phone or through e-mail, when a person you know and trust is on the other end of that communication, well, it just makes everyone happier.

We know that technology is one of the most confusing aspects of home upgrades and services. Bethesda Systems prides itself on its great reputation of high quality and personal service. Below is just one recent example of an e-mail from our lead technician to a customer following a recent installation of a Squeezebox music system by Logitech — which allows you to stream music directly from your computer to a Squeezbox anywhere in your home. The message is clear, informative, and friendly:

Hi Joe,

I just wanted to review the work I did yesterday and also give you some helpful tips regarding the Squeezebox™ and iTunes™.  I moved the Squeezebox server, the software that communicates with the Squeeze Touch, from the Mac Mini in the equipment rack to your office Mac.  Here is a little more information on what the server does and what it can do:

Having the server software running on computer will make it easier for you to sync your iTunes music to the Savant system.  As we discussed, in order for you to access your music, just like before,  you will need to make sure your office computer is on and both the Squeeze server and iTunes are running.  The server is set up to automatically start up every time your computer boots but something to keep in mind if you are experiencing some issues.

The server is set up to automatically check your iTunes account for any changes and then update the information on the Squeeze Touch.  Here is some more information on the squeeze server:

With regards to the Verizon cable box,  we are good to go for a Wednesday morning install. At the same time, we will install the fans for the equipment closet and bring down a new iPad dock for the master bathroom.

I hope this was helpful,  please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.