Our Process

1. DiscoveryOur Process

The Project always begins with a discovery process in which we listen to your needs, interests, and desires. This is our joint opportunity to explore new and emerging technologies, trends, and practices. Our preliminary meetings with clients are relaxed but focused to develop an outline of the proposed Scope of Work, Budget, and Schedule. Realizing that your needs and interests may evolve over time, Bethesda Systems will develop a mutually satisfactory invoice for System Design at the end of the Discovery period.

2. System Design

This is the heart of Bethesda Systems’ process in which we put our talented design and engineering team to work on your project. This phase begins by coordinating the specific information developed during Discovery and ends with a complete Scope of Work, Budget, and set of drawings appropriate for production. Bethesda Systems is highly regarded for its superior system design and careful coordination among the Client architect, interior designer, and contractor on all-phases of design and construction.

3. Implementation

With the completion of System Design, we are ready to begin wiring and building the new system for your unique project. All phases of Implementation, from pre-wiring through equipment installation, the completion of programming and training, are overseen by your own, dedicated Bethesda Systems’ Project Manager. We prepare written Budget and Schedule updates as well as keep track of all client requested changes on a regular and on-going basis. All Change Orders from the original Scope of Work and Budget are put in writing for your approval as well.

4. Service & Support

“Wow Made Simple,” our clients learn, is a disciplined process, consistently applied. Upon completion, we provide you with as-built drawings, a copy of the programming developed exclusively for your project, warranty information, and a plan for on-going service. Bethesda Systems also creates and manages maintenance contracts which are particularly supportive of the long-term relationships Bethesda Systems builds with its clients.