Home Network

Today, most automation and lighting systems, appliances, and communication devices (smart phones, tablets, laptop computers, for example) require high-speed internet access to operate properly. In order for all of this to work together through a hard wired and wireless connection, a home network must be created. Most homes have some kind of “home network”, but they aren’t all as intricate or as functional, which is where we can help. We sat down with sales and project manager, Lynn Hopffgarten, and our network engineer, Adam Swaney to get more insight on a home network.

Why can’t I just get the network gear I need from my Internet Service Provider?

You can; Internet Service Providers (ISPs) do provide a basic modem, router, and wireless communications device when they install service. For a small home and small household, this can be adequate. For larger homes, however, this single device does not have the switching, bandwidth, or data-management capabilities required in contemporary homes and lifestyles. Bethesda Systems work with the Client’s ISP to provide the additional components and labor to set-up networks for today’s homes.

What does “Enterprise Grade Network” mean and why do I need that in my Home?

“Enterprise Grade Network” is software, and management tools designed to provide robust, stable, and long-term network solutions required by businesses, today. These components cost slightly more than standard residential grade gear, longer warranties, and fundamentally better customer support. These components make it possible to have a consistent, stable, and seamless experience. For example, downloading a movie from Netflix in the Media Room while someone else is loading a movie or playing video games online.

So … What is a “Bethesda Systems’” network? 

A Bethesda Systems network is an enterprise grade hardware, software, and long-term support solution designed and commissioned by our Network Engineer, Adam Swaney. He designs the networks to provide, stable, robust, secure, and long-term service for high-speed internet throughout your home.  Managed by our service team, the Bethesda Systems Network makes it possible to diagnose, repair, and upgrade network, remotely. This means “one call” to Bethesda Systems for service versus a run-around with various levels “technical support” from the service provider.



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