Bethesda Systems Continues to Bring the Best

In mid-March, Bethesda Systems welcomed the world-renowned Meridian Audio line into its high-end audio collection.

DSP5200 black

In Our Showroom We’ve got a multitude of Meridian products throughout our showroom. Here are some notable ones we love. The Listening Room In our Listening Room, we invite you to come play with the Meridian Control 15. Imagine all your music—whether you purchased it on a CD in ’97 at f.y.e., or yesterday through your iTunes account—all on one, easy to use screen. Sure, it’s like an iPad, but bigger, and—dare I say it—better. So what does that mean? You can see all of your music. At the touch of a finger, you can view and listen to all your music. The Control 15 stores up to 500GBs of music. Oh, and it also provides an option to get rid of those old CDs by uploading your 90s tunes with its built-in disc drive. The software behind this dedicated music masterpiece also gathers information based on your music collection through connecting to the internet. It will compile anything from record reviews to album artwork. It can also stream music from Rhapsody and other internet radio stations, and with the Sooloos app, you can play music by using your iPhone or iPad for controlling it. The Home Theater In our theater, you’ll find a pair of DSP5200s. With the look and feel of Meridian Audio’s flagship 800 series, these speakers are more compact, but loaded with everything that makes Meridian unique. These feature Meridian’s appetizing apodising filter. Why apodising? Well, with digital audio, distortion and harshness of sound often occur. This filter is Meridian’s own; it avoids “pre-ringing”, thus only producing better and cleaner sound of any recording. And what makes these so special? Well, size isn’t everything. As noted before, these compact floor-standing loudspeakers have it all. Inside Meridian speakers is a complete, matched audio system with efficient DSP crossovers, multiple DACs and driver-specific amplifiers. This only means high quality, less power use, and unmatchable performance. DSP5200 black Control 15 More on Meridian “Meridian even has its own Lennon and McCartney at the helm, with Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd responsible for a staggering CV that spans 35 years,” said Stuff Magazine of Meridian Audio’s legacy. Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd founded Meridian-Audio in 1977. Meridian specializes in high-quality audio products, and has set the standard for audio products across the world. Meridian Audio has received praise in over 165 awards from around the world. Meridian has also been awarded three coveted British Design Council Awards for Outstanding British Products, which Stuart and Boothroyd received for their exceptional designs. Meridian Audio is responsible for industry changing developments and technological advancements in the home and theater entertainment realm, as well as the incorporation of exclusive sound to car manufacturers Jaguar, Land Rover, and McLaren Automotive. Bethesda Systems’ commitment to sound, performance, and best-in-class experience will help you bring your favorite concert home with Meridian Audio. For more information, feel free to call us at 301-656-2548, or send us an email at