Customer Service 2: Step by Step Instructions

Our lead tech does it again. Here is a step by step walkthrough on setting up the iPhone and/or iPad app for IC Realtime Camera Systems. The images and icons appeared in the original e-mail just as you see it below. Talk about clear and easy communication, right?

Dear Ms. Smith,

1. Make sure you have good 3G service or are connected to a network.
2. Go to the App  Store icon on the phone
3. Select the SEARCH option from the bottom menu choices.
4. In the search field at the top, type in “ICRSS” and select SEARCH from the bottom.
5. You should have one option, the IC Realtime LLC App for $29.99



6. Select that option, you will be prompted for your iTunes information to make the purchase. If this is your first purchase on this device you may have to verify your credit card information as well.

7. Once approved the app will begin to download on your device.

8. After download is complete, launch the app by selecting it from the face of your device.

9. From the main screen select the set up option





10. Select DEVICE LIST, EDIT and then ADD.

11. Fill in the fields as follows:

Name: I have called this location Norton, this can be named anything you want.
Address: Needs to be exactly as shown: XXXXXXXXXX
Port: Needs to be exactly as shown: XXXXXX
User Name: XXXXX
Password: XXXXX
Channels: This is automatically filled in

12. Installation is complete. Select DONE option and return to Device List. Make sure to select the new device you just added, go back to SETTINGS, select LIST VIEW.

13. Select anyone of the boxes and then a corresponding number from below. Once you have added a number to each box select the third option from the left at the bottom, the squares with the triangle (play).








14. Each screen will say Connected and the cameras will populate on the screen.

***Also if you select the set up option from the bottom choices (6th from the left) there is a HELP and ABOUT option that are pretty good to answer some of the questions regarding the icons.