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The Power & Possibilities of Commercial Lighting Systems

A bar with wooden stools and recessed lights in a wooden ceiling.

See How Centralized Lighting Control Can Benefit Your Business 

We’ve been illuminating business spaces largely the same way for over a century. Sure, new types of light bulbs have come and gone. Incandescent, Edison-type bulbs were ubiquitous, followed by CFL spiral bulbs, then modern LED lights. But through it all, “on” and “off” have been the extent of lighting control with some dimming capabilities. 

But today, smart lighting systems allow business owners to completely customize their lighting settings, adjusting lights to precise brightness levels and colors. Furthermore, groups of lights can be automated to activate independently, so you can “set and forget,” letting the system handle it for you. 

If you’re renovating or building a new commercial space, now is the perfect time to incorporate centralized lighting control. Here’s how to maximize commercial lighting in your Bethesda, MD, business. 


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