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Entice Customers & More with a Commercial Video Wall

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Let Immersive AV Take Charge of the Look & Feel of Your Business

Imagine stepping into a business and your eyes immediately reaching a high-definition image across the lobby area. Stunning 4K visuals move in a dramatic video that keeps you interested as you go to the reception desk. Or imagine walking into a sports bar and the big game of the evening is showing on a larger-than-life display. With a commercial video wall, these scenarios and many more are possible!

If you’ve been wondering if a commercial video wall is a worthwhile investment, look at our blog below to discover ten ways you can utilize this setup in your Bethesda, MD, business!

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1. Effective Advertising

Video walls display eye-catching content, which helps business owners curate a unique brand identity, promote products and services, and entice customers to peruse inventory for a bit longer.

2. Enhanced Customer Experiences

Craft an engaging atmosphere for your clients and employees with visual enhancements that add the perfect ambiance. Enhance shopping, dining, or work experiences with a video wall that entertains or informs.

3. Showcase Products

From sports bars to hotels to shopping malls, business owners can use video walls to showcase their product range, highlight key features, and demonstrate services in a visually appealing way. If you sell a product that relies heavily on demonstrations, a video wall with a product demonstration playing gives employees a break from repetitive explanations.

4. Real-Time Information Display

Real-time data such as news, social media feeds, stock market updates, and sports scores are helpful in various industries, especially if your business has a broad customer base visiting each day.

5. Customizable Content

A commercial video wall is highly versatile and adaptable, just like a tenured employee. You’ll have customizable content at your fingertips, and there’s no need for stock photography when you can tailor content based on specific needs, objectives, or audiences. 

6. Space Optimization

Make the most of your available square footage without taking up additional floor space. The Bethesda Systems team will design and install an impactful array of high-definition displays to create a stunning wall of visual content that doesn’t encroach upon your workspaces.

7. Internal communication

In large offices or corporate environments, display important announcements, company news, or performance metrics. Foster a sense of community and keep employees informed with useful information that also enhances productivity.

8. Professional Appearance

A commercial video wall dramatically transforms the overall appearance of a business, making it appear more sophisticated, modern, and technologically advanced. 

9. Increased Dwell Time

Attract and hold the attention of customers or visitors, increasing the amount of time they spend in your business or at a special event. More time spent in your business can equate to additional revenue for your company.

10. Collaboration and Presentations

In corporate settings, ramp up presentation power with a video wall. Video conferences and collaborative work are transformed with an upgraded display that facilitates communication and improves the overall efficiency of meetings.

Your Commercial AV Partner

Does a video wall sound like something your business could utilize? Connect with our team here, or chat with a representative at the bottom of the screen to start a conversation. We can’t wait to bring immersive AV experiences to your company.

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