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Protect Your Home and Family with Modern Security

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Enjoy the Ultimate Peace of Mind

When you think about home security, what pops into your mind? For many people, it's security cameras and blaring alarms that let them know when a person is attempting a break-in. Today, however, modern security offers much more.

These systems utilize the latest automation to inform you of what's happening around your home. From the smallest detail, like someone leaving a light on, to a stranger peering into your garage, you'll know. It provides a peace of mind once unachievable, a knowing that all is well no matter where you are in the world.

Let's explore how these systems enhance home security in Bethesda, MD.

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Receiving Alerts

At Bethesda Systems, we're all about personalization. Whether building an entire smart home or integrating the latest security measures, customization is essential. We'll get to know what matters most to you and then take steps to provide unprecedented security.

Many clients want to check on their homes no matter where they are and receive alerts when an unusual event occurs. These alerts may include when someone enters your home, a door is left unlocked, or a stranger steps onto your property. You can also include environmental factors, such as rising temperatures in the wine cellar or a water leak in the basement.

When you receive a notification, you can pull up the platform on your mobile device and see what's happening via your live video feed. 

In an Emergency

Should an attempted break-in occur, you'll know immediately, and your home will go into protection mode. Outdoor and indoor lights begin flashing, and the alarm goes off. If you're at home, a security camera feed pops up on every TV so you can see exactly what's transpiring. These cameras also possess two-way audio, letting you speak to the person on camera.

Because your security cameras are AI-smart, they learn as they watch over you and come to know the everyday activities from the unusual. They also recognize family and friends from strangers and the wind rustling the leaves from someone prowling around your home. This knowing protects you from false alarms, ensuring you receive alerts only when a noteworthy event occurs.

But what about other emergencies, like your toddler opening an off-limits cabinet or heading toward the pool? By placing digital tripwires in front of out-of-bound areas, you'll know when someone crosses them.

A Proactive Security System

The best security systems keep the unthinkable from happening before it occurs. Smart systems accomplish this through occupancy simulation, making it appear like someone is home when everyone is away. It replicates your daily activities, such as turning lights on and off, raising and lowering the motorized shades, and turning the TV or music on and off at varying times. To the outsider peering in, it looks like you're home.

At Bethesda Systems, we integrate powerful smart technologies that are easy to use and elevate your daily life. From the best in home entertainment to enhanced modern security, we ensure a system that aligns with your lifestyle and works exactly how you want it to. To learn more about modern security or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Bethesda Systems today.

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