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Why You Should Incorporate Whole-Home Audio in Your Projects


Attract High-End Clients with a Multi-Room Audio System

How can you best attract clients with the new construction market slowing down across the country? These days, spacious designs and beautiful finishes aren't enough to make you stand out from the competition–especially in luxury markets like Potomac, MD. Instead, one of the biggest trends in recent years is a push for technology-ready homes. 

Sometimes this is purely functional. For example, 87% of buyers in a recent poll said they placed greater value on properties with landscape lighting. But, entertainment doesn't lag far behind. Whole-home audio, in particular, is another common request. 

What does whole-home audio entail, and why should builders consider it during construction? Keep reading to find out!

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What is Whole-Home Audio?

Multi-room audio allows homeowners to listen to music throughout the house, indoors and out. This feature is incredibly popular since it's so versatile. Of course, for some audiophiles, it's all about listening to their favorite records. But even those who aren't huge music fans benefit from playing audiobooks while doing dishes, putting on a popular playlist when swimming in the pool, or having a calming playlist to wake them up in the morning. 

From a mobile app or touchpad, homeowners choose what they want to hear and where to play it. The sound then emanates from in-wall and in-ceiling speakers or landscape speakers spread throughout the pool and backyard.

Why Should It Be Added During Construction? 

A whole-home audio system requires extensive coordination with builders for optimal performance. First, we need to check if there is enough room in ceilings and walls to incorporate speakers. We then need to install all the wiring to connect these speakers back to their source components. While wireless applications work for retrofit projects, we get the best results when working with builders to integrate hardwired installations from the start.

Why You Should Work with Us on Your Next Project 

The type of low-voltage wiring needed for whole-home audio is out of the scope of many electricians, so you'll need an AV company to help with the installation. We recommend bringing us early into the project to consult with your client, so we can craft a solution that matches their goals and also fits within your construction plans. 

Once we've met with your client, we'll develop in-depth documentation showing all speaker locations and wiring schematics. Our project managers then coordinate with you and all other subcontractors to ensure that the installation is completed within the client's preferred budget and timeline.

Are you interested in partnering with an AV expert for your next project? We not only offer whole-home audio installations but also dedicated home theaters, lighting control and more for your luxury clients. So call us, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to schedule a consultation.

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