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5 Reasons You Need Josh.ai in Your Home Right Now


Experience the next level of luxury and convenience with Josh.ai integration!

Having a smart home is more than just adding a bunch of tech devices in your house; it is about filling your spaces with comfort, luxury, convenience and beauty. With Josh.ai integration, managing your smart home and enhancing your living experience is easier than ever. Just use your voice!

Keep reading our blog to learn the main perks of adding the Josh.ai voice assistant in your Potomac, MD, home.

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Josh Can Help You Stay Healthy

Technology is one of the greatest tools to keep your heart, body and mind healthy. With Josh, you have a wide variety of options to take your wellness experience to the next level. Using just your voice, you can control every connected technology. For example, human-centric lighting regulates your circadian rhythm and helps you sleep better at night. Air quality sensors monitor the pollution in your surroundings, ensuring a safe environment. And whole-home music boosts your mood and reduces stress levels.

Josh Is Constantly Learning

Josh is more than just a mere voice assistant. It is a true artificial intelligence marvel. But what does this mean for smart home living? Only that the convenience and luxury of your experience will increase day by day! 

Josh is constantly growing and learning. The more you interact with your home, the more it learns about your routine and preferences. For example, if you are an early bird and like to raise your shades at 6:00 a.m to watch the sunrise, Josh takes note of that and automatically adjusts your shades to your preferred position without the need to program it.

Josh Is Built for Everyone

One of the features we love the most about Josh.ai is that it is so simple to use that virtually everyone can use it to customize their surroundings. Fully managed by voice control, Josh is equipped with Natural Language Processing technology, which allows you to speak to your home naturally, just like you would to a friend. 

Josh Takes Care of Your Aesthetics

A common concern for luxury homeowners is that smart technology installations will upset the balance of their aesthetics with bulky devices intruding into their spaces. With Josh, you never have to worry about that! 

Josh Nano is the perfect choice for homeowners that want to preserve a minimalist décor where technology is virtually invisible. Slightly larger than a quarter, this technology is designed to seamlessly blend into your walls or ceilings.

Josh Protects Your Privacy

The thought of a device constantly listening to your conversations and storing information is quite unsettling for many homeowners, and that’s exactly why we recommend incorporating Josh.ai. It allows you to fully control how much data your home collects and when your microphones can listen to you. 

In addition, you can rest assured that your data is never shared with third parties, as it is stored on a local server in your home instead of the cloud, meaning only you have access to that information.

At Bethesda Systems, we are deeply committed to helping you create a home that satisfies all your wants and needs. Are you ready to integrate Josh.ai into your home? Reach out to our experts right here or give us a call at 301-656-2548 to learn more.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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