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Bring Your Home to Life with a Whole-Home Music System


Whole-Home Audio Delivers High-Fidelity Music Throughout Your Home and Outdoor Spaces

Can you imagine walking into your home after a long day at work and hearing your favorite playlist streaming through your home? You feel your shoulders starting to relax as you grab a cold drink and head out to the patio with the music following you, surrounding you, and letting you hear every note as if for the first time. 

On the weekend, one family member may enjoy jazz in the kitchen while another listens to their treasured vinyl collection in the den. At the same time, someone else tunes into their favorite audiobook by the pool. The remarkable aspect of this storyline is that this audio comes from the same system—whole-home music systems that bring high-performance sound to every room in your home and outdoor space.

Let’s explore the makings of these remarkable systems and how they’re transforming homes in Potomac, MD. 

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A Whole-Home Music System Defined

A whole-home music system brings all your audio components and equipment together and may include a turntable, satellite receiver, streaming device, and CD player. The equipment is neatly housed and tucked away in a closet or basement. From there, the audio is distributed to nearly invisible in-wall, in-ceiling, and landscape satellite speakers, delivering high-fidelity sound throughout your home and yard.

You may ask, “How do I control it?” That’s easy! Take charge of the system with one user-friendly platform on a touchscreen, in-wall keypad, hand-held remote, or mobile device. Simply choose a room and the audio source, and let beautiful melodies fill your home.

Calibration and Placement

The proper setup starts with our certified technicians. We strategically place the speakers and subwoofers throughout your home, taking into account acoustic challenges and determining the perfect placement that delivers an all-encompassing sound that fills the air. These speakers blend into your home’s aesthetics with paintable grills that match the surroundings. 

Outdoors, we install satellite speakers that look like landscape lighting and in-ground subwoofers that deliver the all-important bass. Your outdoor area is blanketed in an even coverage of sound, and after careful calibration, you and your family experience music as the artist intended. For larger outdoor areas, we can set up zones just like you enjoy inside your home.

Total Integration

At Bethesda Systems, we specialize in integrating high-performance audio and video with smart home automation. Some clients choose to start with a scalable whole-home audio system due to the incredible enjoyment it brings. Others dive into the world of smart home automation, integrating the many systems and experiencing one-touch control of lighting, shades, climate, and entertainment. 

To learn more about whole-home audio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Bethesda Systems today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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