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Create a Reliable, Fast, and Secure Wi-Fi Network

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Boost Your Home Network for Corner-to-Corner Internet Coverage

A recent study in 2022 found that the average U.S. home had a little over 20 devices connected to the internet. In smart homes, that number can increase significantly. As your number of connected devices continues to rise, so does the demand on your Wi-Fi network. 

Slowly and insidiously, your connectivity shows signs of trouble. For many, however, the problem is so slight that it’s easy to brush off. After all, life gets busy, and one more call to one more technician is all you don't need. But then, you lose your connection during an important video conference call or tell your smart lights to dim by 50%, and they don’t respond. When your smart door locks fail to act or your security camera fails to send alerts, you know it’s time for an upgrade.

At Bethesda Systems, we specialize in home automation and creating smart home networks that ensure corner-to-corner Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home and outdoor spaces. Let's explore the signs that suggest you need an upgrade and the steps to take to ensure your home is connected, secure, and safe.

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The Signs Your Home Network Needs an Upgrade

A few telltale signs suggest your home network is struggling under the weight of your home’s internet demands. One common occurrence is a slow-loading web browser. For instance, you’re doing some work in your home office when you suddenly find web pages are taking their time or failing to load entirely. However, you didn't know that your kids just started playing Fortnite, taking up a good chunk of your home’s bandwidth.

Another all-too-common scenario is the dreaded circle of doom or frozen screen when streaming your latest Netflix series. Also known as video buffering, your show stops mid-stream, and you've gotten in the habit of pausing it, giving the video time to load.   

Creating a Robust Home Network

Many homes received their networking equipment from the local internet service provider. While these Wi-Fi routers and modems do the trick for a while, they don’t have the capacity for a well-connected home and cannot provide reliable coverage in all areas. 

Routers designed for smart homes contain sophisticated software that allows our technicians to prioritize network traffic. High-performance routers also come with Wi-Fi 6, the newest Wi-Fi standard that offers faster speeds and enhanced reliability and protection. 

In addition to updating your router, installing wireless access points allows us to extend your Wi-Fi's reach, providing robust, reliable, and fast coverage throughout your home and outdoor areas. 

Working with Bethesda Systems

The first step in creating a robust home network is finding out your current use. First, we'll determine the number of connected devices and the average number of people using the internet at any given time. Next, we'll determine if your family uses bandwidth hogs, like streaming movies and playing video games. We’ll also check for dead spots and your current network capacity. Then, we’ll recommend the components and network design best suited to meet your needs and create a reliable home network that you can count on.


Want to learn more about our home networking services? To schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Bethesda Systems today!

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