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Custom Smart Blinds Add Convenience, Privacy, and Beauty

A woman standing in front of large picturesque windows with sheer blinds lowered.

Control Daylight Effortlessly

The window coverings in your home perform many tasks. They add to your home’s aesthetics and can greatly enhance the design. Minimalistic roller shades elicit a modern feeling while flowing draperies add elegance and charm. They let the diffused light of the sun in, protect your privacy, regulate room temperatures, and reduce energy usage. 

We ask a lot of our window treatments. Unfortunately, we usually never realize their full potential. We may close the shades at night for privacy or raise them in the morning to enjoy some sunshine, but raising and lowering them throughout the day is tedious at best and time-consuming at worst. 

Custom smart blinds change that. Now, your window coverings automatically raise and lower throughout the day in your Bethesda, MD, home, letting in just enough sunlight to add beauty and warmth while protecting fine art and furnishings. Plus, with one touch on an elegant in-wall keypad or touchscreen, you can raise and lower one or every shade in near-perfect unison, effortlessly controlling the natural light in your home.

Let’s explore the many benefits smart shades bring. 

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Pre-programmed Settings and Sensors

Thanks to pre-programmed settings, schedules, and sensors, your window coverings open and close throughout the day to fit your lifestyle. Some of our clients enjoy waking to the first light of the sun, so we'll program these bedroom shades to rise when the sun hits the horizon. Others never want to miss another gorgeous sunset. In these homes, the west-facing shades open as the sun lowers in the sky. 

Reduce Energy Usage

Motorized shades also significantly reduce your home's carbon footprint and lower your energy bill. In the winter, south-facing shades open to let in the sun's warming rays. In the summer, these same shades close, reducing solar heat gain. When combined with cellular shades, you experience maximum savings. These shades add a layer of insulation that traps the cooler or warmer air, depending on the season. 

Custom Design

Today’s smart window coverings come in every style and material imaginable, from motorized shades, drapes, and blinds to specially designed treatments for angled windows and skylights. Some manufacturers create custom solutions for homeowners that want to use their own material. Others offer over 1,000 different fabrics. 

You’ll find varying opacities that provide the perfect level of light for every setting. The expert designers and integrators at Bethesda Systems can install dual roller shades, letting you maintain the beautiful views of your outdoor areas during the day with sheer shades and blocking all light with blackout shades for movie nights and sleep.

The latest custom smart blinds offer handcrafted natural wood with intelligent technology, allowing blinds to provide maximum comfort throughout the day by automatically adjusting their tilt based on the sun's position.

We know it’s a lot to consider. At Bethesda Systems, we create customized technology solutions that enhance our clients’ everyday lives. We’ll take the time to discover the best options for your unique lifestyle and daily activities, creating a smart home that entertains, delights, and makes life a little easier. To learn more about custom smart blinds or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Bethesda Systems today.

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