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Control4: The Brains Behind Smarter Smart Homes

Closeup of a Control4 interface showing available systems in a family room. 

From Installation to Automation, a Certified Control4 Dealer Will Optimize Your Home Technology Systems

As technology evolves at an unprecedented pace, it is no surprise that smart homes are getting smarter every day. But is yours keeping up with the smartest of them? If you are in McLean, VA, you live in one of the most beautiful communities in the US, home to diplomats, high-ranking government officials, and possibly some of the “rich and famous.” Your smart home should be as smart as theirs. 

As a certified Control4 dealer, Bethesda Systems is proud to offer industry-leading automation solutions that make any smart home a whole lot smarter. From installation to automation, here are three ways our team of experts is the best choice to keep your smart home in front of the pack!

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Professional Installation

With smart systems and devices, the nuances of brands and products come into play during installation. Since a smart home is only as efficient as its technology systems, why not let an expert install them? Wiring infrastructure and network reliability are essential for smart systems to work as advertised. That is why we rely on brands like Ruckus and Ubiquiti for wired and wireless networks, ensuring every cable, port, and connection is working to its standards. 

AV and lighting control systems both benefit from a professional installation as well. For whole-home audio, all equipment needs to be calibrated and corrected to match each space. Likewise, outdoor TVs and projectors require positioning and programming to minimize glare and other environmental factors. 

Seamless Integration 

No smart home would be smart if its systems didn’t seamlessly work together. When we are talking about integrating AV, lighting control, motorized shades, and more, there is no arguing against hiring a professional to help. 

Dedicated home theaters are a perfect case in point. Motorized shades on the windows, smart lights that set the mood for any movie, and a killer TV and surround sound system must all be integrated for these spaces to work efficiently. 

Tunable lighting fixtures, which let users regulate light temperature and intensity, are another example. Lights in dedicated spaces, like a home office, must work in unison to create conditions that improve your productivity. 

Optimized Automation 

With all your technology systems integrated, the next question becomes how to manage and operate them from a single device. Control4 is the answer, giving homeowners a platform to control and automate every system in their home. 

Imagine lights turning on at the tap of your smartphone or programmed on schedules set separately for every room. Or a motorized projector screen in the media room that lowers itself on demand. Or the sound of your favorite song playing in the entire house every time you come in. This is all possible with the help of a certified Control4 dealer. 

You already live in a beautiful, smart home. When you are ready to make it smarter, contact us to learn how we can help!

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