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Discover the Benefits and Beauty of Outdoor Lighting Control


Enjoy Different Outdoor Lighting for Every Activity

As more people enhance their outdoor areas with today’s breathtaking landscape lighting, management issues become front and center. How do they control this mesmerizing light that changes for every occasion, event, and mood? And can they set the system to welcome them when they return from work in the evening, arriving at a beautifully lit home that captivates and relaxes them with one glance?

The good news is that today’s technology, while incredibly advanced, is also effortless to manage. With cutting-edge outdoor lighting control, you can direct the stunning lighting that illuminates your home in Great Falls, Virginia. Let’s discover how.

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Programmed to Perfection

At Bethesda Systems, we partner with Coastal Source, the leader in outdoor audio and lighting. Recently, they joined forces with Ketra to create landscape lighting that utilizes high-performance tunable LEDs. Now, you can set the mood for varying activities. Just like their indoor world-renowned lighting system, Ketra outdoor lights can be adjusted to an infinite array of colors or transform on their own. 

To make it as simple as one-touch control, we’ll program the system to respond based on the activity. For instance, do you regularly have people over for outdoor dining? Press ‘Al Fresco,’ and your outdoor lighting transforms for the occasion, settling into illumination that resembles your favorite French bistro or the old-world café that brightens the night with golden candlelight.

Are you looking for a fairy-like atmosphere for your child’s birthday bash? Press ‘Magical,’ and the lighting suddenly resembles fireflies with moonbeams cascading between the leaves. Splashes of their favorite colors dance among the trees and highlight your home. Water fountains glow with an enchanting effect derived from underwater LED lights. 

We’ll explore how you use your outdoor areas and program a unique setting for every occasion. Imagine how easy it will be to brighten your home when the holidays roll around.

Remote Monitoring

When you arrive home at night, it’s nice to be greeted by brilliant illumination. To create this experience, you can pull out your smartphone and turn on the lights before you leave work. Our automation and lighting experts can also use geofencing, ensuring your outdoor lights brighten as soon as you pull into the driveway. 

This remote monitoring also comes in handy when you realize you forgot to turn off the porch light when you left at dawn, or you’re getting home later than expected and want to turn on the security lights. Pull up the app and set one or every light to your preferred levels. When at home, you can also use voice commands. Are the patio lights too dim? Simply ask them to brighten.

Are you ready to transform your outdoor living using today’s technology? At Bethesda Systems, our company’s motto is, “Wow! Made simple!” Our goal is to “Wow” you and yours with the latest technology while ensuring a system that’s easy to use. To learn more about outdoor lighting control or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Bethesda Systems today.

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