Bethesda Systems Helps Consumers Trim Electric Bills with Introduction of The LED Diet

***FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! Bethesda Systems will include one FREE SWITCH60 LED bulb upon sign-up for one of our LED Diet services. A $50 value, the SWITCH60 comes in two finishes, frosted or clear, and both come with a FREE lifetime warranty. LED Diet Powered by Bethesda SystemsNew in-home consultation service helps homeowners transition to energy efficient LED lighting solutions 

BETHESDA, Md. – July 12, 2013 – Bethesda Systems, a nationally recognized technology integration firm, is proud to introduce “The LED Diet,” a new suite of in-home services designed to help homeowners replace their burnt out or energy guzzling incandescent light bulbs with high-performance, energy saving LEDs.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) represent one of today’s most energy efficient and rapidly developing new technologies. The very best LED bulbs offer superior lighting quality compared to other types of lighting, give off less heat than incandescent and CFL bulbs, and can last up to 20 years, saving homeowners significant time and money they would otherwise spend buying and replacing light bulbs several times a year. LED bulbs use up to 80% less energy than traditional lighting, resulting in lower monthly energy bills.

Due to the federally mandated “phase out” of traditional incandescent light bulbs, 100-watt incandescents are no longer being produced, 75-watt bulbs will be phased out by the end of this year and 60-watt bulbs will no longer be manufactured by the end of 2014. As a result, consumers are growing frustrated trying to find suitable bulb replacements for their homes.

Instead of simply swapping out a 100-watt bulb for another 100-watt bulb, homeowners are now confronted with a barrage of new lighting choices and terminologies (beam spread, color temperature, lumens, CRI, etc.), which make finding the right LED replacement for inefficient bulbs in their homes a daunting task.

To further complicate the bulb replacement buying process, there are wide discrepancies in LED color quality and durability, and many of the better-quality LED brands are not sold at local home stores.

“For over a decade, our customers have trusted us to simplify their lives with home entertainment and home automation solutions,” says Mike Wilson, owner of Bethesda Systems. “Now, we can do the same with LED lighting—cut through the confusion to help them choose the best lighting options for every application in their homes.”

Bethesda Systems eases the process of transitioning to LED lighting with the simple LED Diet, offering a range of service packages. Each option helps pay for itself with lower monthly energy bills.

Named after the common household request of asking a partner to assist in chores, the “Honey-Do” service allows homeowners to ease into LED lighting at their own pace by replacing incandescent bulbs as they burn out. The process begins with an in-home walk-through of the property by one of Bethesda Systems’ skilled LED Dietitians. At that time, the lighting expert will identify burnt-out bulbs and areas of the home that would benefit from high performance LED lighting.

Once the property evaluation is complete, the homeowner can apply the initial assessment fee of $29.95 towards the purchase of the recommended LED bulbs, which are installed upon purchase. Bethesda Systems’ LED Dietitians will ensure proper functionality with dimmers or electronic systems (where applicable).

If homeowners are unhappy with a particular bulb, they can replace it or return it for a refund within the first 90 days of initial installment.

For homeowners who are ready to upgrade their lighting and shed as much money as possible off their monthly electric bills, Bethesda Systems offers the “All-In” service. Like the Honey-Do service, the All-In service starts with an on-site consultation to identify all areas of the home that can be upgraded to LED lighting, demonstrating various options and reviewing costs.

Following the initial evaluation, the LED Dietitian will install the LED bulbs throughout the entire property. Homeowners can feel comfortable knowing they have the right lighting for every area in their house–while saving money and enjoying a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Bethesda Systems believes that once customers see the benefits of LED lights, they will want to own them. Designed to showcase the latest innovations in LED bulb technology, the “LED-of-the-Month” service delivers a new, state-of-the-art LED bulb to the homeowner’s door each month. If they like it, they can order more at reduced volume pricing.

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