CASE Remodeling Summit 2013

Bethesda Systems looks forward to kicking off the New Year to continue to build and foster relationships and business.

On February 8, 2013, Bethesda Systems exhibited at the 2013 CASE Remodeling Summit, held at the Bolger Center in Potomac, MD, for the first time.

Case is the largest and most respected full-service home improvement company in the nation. With a strong demand from other industry professionals, Case began franchising in 1997 and today is the only franchisor of remodeling services in the US. Serving 120 territories through their network of locally owned and operated franchisees and with over 100,000 clients nationwide.

Bethesda Systems, a new CASE alliance member, had the opportunity to host a learning seminar in which team members Lynn Hopffgarten, project manager, and Tracy Lowe, sales person, presented and discussed “Innovations in the Home.”

In this hour-long segment, Hopffgarten and Lowe highlighted big changes in the technology realm that will start making its way into residences: energy efficiency.

Hopffgarten shared what has made Bethesda Systems a success through explaining Bethesda Systems’ process of discovery, system design, implementation, and finally, service and support. Through this process, Bethesda Systems was able to portray how the changes in appliance and lighting standards yielded energy-efficient solutions.

Lowe continued the class with a preview of LED lighting in the home. Due to efficiency standards phasing out incandescent lighting due to exacerbated energy usage, a need for new, more efficient—but equally pleasing—lighting is growing higher in demand, said Lowe.

Hopffgarten and Lowe both explained the ups and downs of LED residential implementations, stating that the cost of LED bulbs may be expensive up front, but the long-term value of the energy-efficient lighting is undeniable.

The CASE Remodeling Summit is an event where members of the CASE team, including fred, a vision of CASE Design/Remodeling, Inc., are able to collaborate on new ideas and projects for the New Year. The Summit serves as an arena to highlight business goals while reviewing their key plays and remodeling projects throughout 2012.