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Enjoy the Ultimate Entertainment with Today’s Outdoor Speakers

A backyard with numerous outdoor speakers digitally circled.

Extend Your Living Space to the Great Outdoors

We may still be in the throes of winter, but spring will be here before we know it, making now the time to consider our outdoor spaces. Today, many people are making their backyards extensions of their homes, from outdoor kitchen areas to massive entertainment spaces with open-air home theaters and all-weather TVs. 

Some homeowners treat their outdoor space as a sanctuary, with landscape lighting that resembles stars and quiet spaces to tune into nature. Whether you're enjoying dinner al fresco, watching a movie under the stars, or lounging by the pool, outdoor speakers offer impressive audio that elevates the experience.

Let’s explore the latest outdoor sound systems and how they’re transforming homes in Bethesda, MD.

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The Landscape Speaker System

One of the challenges facing outdoor areas is the lack of walls and ceilings to contain the sound. This causes the sound to dissipate over large areas. Placing speakers under the eaves of homes causes one-directional sound that those closest may find overly loud, and others further away can hardly hear. 

A landscape speaker system offers the solution, delivering high-performance sound throughout an entire area, no matter if it’s a large estate or a backyard patio. Our audio-video experts strategically install landscape speakers that blend in with your outdoor space. These may be placed along the perimeter, by trees, under foliage, and along pathways, directing sound toward the listening areas. 

The result is breathtaking, high-fidelity, evenly distributed sound, leaving no dead zones or hot spots. We’ll also install in-ground subwoofers that deliver the all-important bass for streaming your favorite playlists or enjoying an action-packed movie.

The Zones

Some outdoor areas require separate zones, enabling some people to enjoy watching TV on the patio while others rock out by the pool. For those with gardens and secluded settings, zones allow family members with a green thumb to listen to their favorite gardening podcast while another tunes into their latest audiobook while lying in a hammock. We can also install underwater speakers for those who need some motivation when swimming laps.

Luxury Living Redefined  

When combined with a home automation platform, you enjoy effortless control of your audio. From an easy-to-use touchscreen or smartphone app, select the audio source and where you want to hear it, and it’s done.

From this same system, you can manage your indoor and outdoor lights, backyard fire pit, TVs, climate, security, pool and spa, and more. We’ll program one-touch scenes that set the mood for various events. For instance, tap outdoor dining, and the landscape and patio lights settle into the perfect hue and temperature, your “Patio Dining” playlist streams through your outdoor speakers, and the fire feature ignites.

Today’s smart home solutions create once unimaginable opportunities to enhance your home’s beauty and entertainment. At Bethesda Systems, we’ve been creating customized entertainment and home automation systems for clients throughout Bethesda, MD, for almost 20 years. To learn more about the many options in outdoor speaker systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Bethesda Systems today.

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