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Hunter Douglas motorized window blinds lowered over floor-to-ceiling windows in a home office.


Home automation has made managing our homes effortless and enjoyable. With one touch on beautiful, high-resolution touchscreens or custom-engraved in-wall keypads, we can control our lighting, climate, entertainment devices, security, and more. For example, we press a button that reads ‘Relax,’ and the shades lower, the lights transform to a warm amber glow, and our ‘Soothing Sounds’ playlist streams through invisible in-ceiling speakers. 

But it gets even better. The “automation” aspect of home automation refers to a home that sets the stage with no effort on your part. Your smart home seamlessly carries on throughout the day, creating the perfect environment and doing its job while you do yours.

Motorized blinds are one of these smart home features. They automatically raise and lower, bringing in the beauty of the natural light while enhancing your family’s privacy. Let’s explore how these intelligent window shades bring elegance and extreme convenience to homeowners in Potomac, MD.

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Temperature and sunlight sensors trigger your shades to raise and lower, bringing in the sun's warmth in the winter and blocking solar heat gain in the summer. When the sun reaches a certain level, the shades lower to reduce direct glare in rooms where you work or watch TV. This action also protects your furniture, floors, and photos from the UV rays that cause fading and discoloration over time.

An astronomic time clock can set the shades to open when the sun peaks over the horizon and close at dusk. Throughout the day, they adjust automatically as the climate fluctuates, helping maintain a constant temperature and creating a greener home by reducing energy consumption from HVAC systems. 

As more homeowners become conscious of their footprint on this planet, they’ve turned to Bethesda Systems to create a green, more enjoyable home. Making the most of daylight is a proven way to enhance your home's design through the beauty of sunlight while reducing the need for electric light. 


Would you like your shades to automatically lower when you leave for the day and raise when you return? Your smart home knows your whereabouts, thanks to geofencing and GPS-based solutions. If you’ll be gone for an extended time, press the 'Away' button, and the lights randomly turn on and off as the shades adjust, making it look like someone’s home.


Some of our clients enjoy managing their homes without raising a finger. To accomplish this, they tell their voice assistant to perform their tasks. For example, are you watching a movie after dinner? Simply say, “Josh, it’s movie night.” Immediately, the shades lower, the lights dim, and the TV and audio turn on. 

At Bethesda Systems, we partner with industry leaders in home automation, ensuring our clients the perfect solution for their home’s design and lifestyle. Some of our world-class partners in motorized blinds include Lutron, Hunter Douglas, and J Geiger. To learn about the many benefits, features, and nearly limitless options in smart window coverings or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Bethesda Systems today.

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